HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

First Contact

This is the story of a first contact with an alien space fleet descending towards the Earth.

Man the cannons, research upgrades, unleash the AI, ruin the global economy, rain fiery destruction upon the invaders!

Controls: spacebar to attack.

Coil integration: get in-game Dogecoins for quick start.

(There are two endings, which is 100% more than one ending!)

Thank you for playing.

Categories: desktop, mobile, web monetization

Feedback from the experts

Joep van Duinen: Thanks for sharing and submitting this creation, we had a lot of fun playing it! - Coherent art style and color scheme - could have been fun if the spaceships actually attack the earth to make gameplay more dynamic /urgent, connecting it to a health bar - awesome that you've been able to squeeze in sound an music given the fie size constrain

Noël Meudec: Interesting game, I finished it 3 times. I tried various strategies but couldn't find the one to 100% building everything. Good choice of music, basic but nice graphics. The storytelling and jokes are a nice touch. I would get rid of the attack button, and focus more on the strategy side. Overall, I had a good time with this game, I want to see more of it!

Nathan Lie: Great game with witty, cynically satirical humor, an addictive clicker element, and nice music. I liked that even though it was a clicker game, it didn't devolve in a massive numbers game and instead focused on showing the player a humorous little story instead. The Web Monetization bonus was a nice way to kick off the plot for this game as well.

Ewa Mazur: Very nice, consistent and addictive game. It has good dynamics. I really like the info for subscribers that there is some extra money in front of them and it's a shame not to use it :) How about adding some kind of incentive for those who are not subscribers? Something like login to Coil button. I had a lot of fun playing this game.