HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


I need your help - my computer seems to be broken.
When I try to do anything I'm getting the FileNotFound error and everything glitches.
Your task is to find the file that doesn't exist.
Glitch effect intensifies when you are getting closer.
Shorter directories names seems to be more corrupted ;)
Look around for easter eggs.

Categories: desktop, mobile, web monetization

Feedback from the experts

Nathan Lie: This game has a nice concept, but needs a more readable feedback for when the glitch effect is intensifying or not - it's easy to discern large differences, but small changes in intensity are hard to figure out. Unfortunately, there's no Web Monetization bonus - maybe some Web Monetization themed easter eggs?

Christer Kaitila: Very intense! I explored your broken hard drive and discovered all sorts of interesting files! I like the png images. I moves my mouse everywhere but never noticed a change in how glitchy the screen was. I never found anything before the flickery screen was too hard to look at! I couldn't figure out of there were any coil features. Great work! I needed more clues and feedback but was cool to see how many choices there were!

Ewa Mazur: It seems funny, because I find the glitch effect as nice as terrible. It's a nice way to show you're close to finishing the game successfully, but at the same time you can feel sick because of all those flashing lights and fast visual effects. I like the concept of the game and minimalism in the visual part. I couldn't find anything for Coil subscribers...

Anselm Hook: I had a hard time finding the glitch. Interesting concept however.

Jupiter Hadley: Really interesting idea!