HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Feb 13th: Death's Day Off

Survival (I think that's the name) Genre Desktop Game. You're Death, it's your day off. You don't want to kill today, but dudes keep coming to try to love you. The nerve! Kill or avoid as many as possible before you're no longer evil and become an angel.

Unfinished as it's missing title screen & intro, sound, and I'd intended to include controls for mobile. Procrastination and poor time management caused me to miss the deadline this year. Source still contains debug code, some unused set-up for added weapons, and hasn't been cleaned-up well for legibility. Zipped and full source html file are identical; no minification/optimization present.

(NOTE: only validated on EN-US standard keyboard qwerty configuration; CAPSLOCK OFF)

Escape - Restart the game
Arrow keys - movement
s - swing scythe (attack)

w - (debug) add another wave of dudes right now
d - (debug) add a single dude right now
r - (debug) clear all current dudes
p - (debug) toggle loss/fresh death state

Categories: unfinished