HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


A space based tower defence game! Build satellites and stations around planets orbiting a distant star. Survive waves of enemies.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the judges

Spartez Team: Nicely done. You have it all: you have music, you have TTS, you have tutorial. It feels like quite complete project. Also everything feels consistent. I did have fun playing it, at least initially. Some random thoughts: You should be more explicit about offline theme if you think you have it. I'm not sure why towers on the same orbit as planets move slower. I was missing keyboard shortcuts to select towers to build - running back and forth with mouse was a little annoying. Voice was a little annoying after a while - good you can turn it off (but it made really great first impression). Now about game design: My first game - didn't figure out how to create energy... Maybe I didn't focus enough reading the tutorial. Second one - survived until ~15 wave. Expanded too much and after my satelites got burned everything went offline... Usually in TD games your towers never die, they also never move. So you can sort of buildup seeing what's missing. Part of usual strategy is to block attackers. Then there are different types of attackers like speedy or tanks or transporters disrupting your defense. Here you can't block attackers and you towers die a lot. I couldn't prevent it, maybe with right ratio of EMP and Beam you could kill them early enough. Because your towers die you can't buildup seeing what's missing - you lose control of what's going on. It doesn't seem like adding more types of attackers would make much differese. New level with new planet will also look pretty much the same. In the end it got rather boring. It felt all the same quickly without any sense of progression. Also when you screw up snowball effect will quickly kill you and you must start from scratch. I personally would make towers invincible, balance it so monster don't kill you to fast, just scratch you so you see something is very wrong. Then if you can sell you towers you can rebuild them in different places/different types and maybe safe the day. It would change from the resource management game into strategy game.

Anselm Hook: Had some difficulties understanding how you can build something. I just kept clicking hoping that it did something. You could review the UX regarding that. Also, I couldn't understand if I could do something during a wave. It isn't very clear. This is something that can be ironed out, IMHO. Good job!

Diego González: so detailed and incredibly polished. impressive work!

Jimmy Joe McGurl: Fantastic Game, and another one that is hard to believe it was done in less than 13kb!! Speech to text works perfectly here with the theme of the game, which fits this years theme very well too. I thought I was going to survive a lot more waves than I did, but the waves started stacking up and it got tough quickly! Excited to see how this one evolves, Great job!