HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


Escape is a digital pinball game featuring you as the director of a TV series. The scenario begins when an airliner crash lands onto a mysterious island.

Game tips :
Light I S L A N D targets, then aim for the ramps.
Left ramp increase your audience, right ramp adds plot twists to the scenario.
Escape run : light R A F T targets to spell ESCAPE, then attempt to leave the island by shooting all three ramps in 30 seconds.

Controls :
Add players with F1-F4. Launch ball with down arrow.
All keys left from G and B (except Shift and \) for left flipper.
All keys right from H and N (except Shift and \) for right flipper.
Space to nudge the table, a few times to tilt.
P pauses the game.

Categories: desktop