HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Epic Loot

Epic Loot is a game about wondering through a forest, picking mushrooms, and scaring away monsters by throwing loot at them. But not that boring junk loot you usually find in a RPG. This is epic loot. The kind of loot where your helmet is a Greater Leather Coif of Smiting with +6 Strength and +6 Charm.

Epic Loot is playable in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera on both phones and desktops. Also, if you're left handed, make sure you get the Dual Wielding skill.

Categories: desktop, mobile

Feedback from the judges

Jason Carter: Quite enjoyed playing this game. Almost made it to the end but got defeated by some skeleton. It took me a while to get the gameplay but once I did it was easy. It's a simple concept yet quite fun. Would have liked to be able to recuperate more or use the gold somehow to improve my odds. Once you reach the end your odds decrease unless you've kept your beads. Pixels looked crips, responsiveness is always a plus. Compo theme of "lost" wasn't much present (I never felt "lost" when playing, except for when I didn't know how to play). Maybe an exploration factor could have added to that (being able to choose path or something like that). Great job with the game and thanks for participating in the compo!

Jupiter Hadley: I really enjoyed this little adventure game! I found it to be funny and well made.