HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


A hacking puzzle / strategy game. Exploit vulnerabilities in nodes and connections to knock a dynamically-routed mesh network offline.
Bring down an evil corporation's mesh network in Story mode, or test your skills against randomly-generated mesh networks in Challenge mode.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the judges

Spartez Team: Nice idea, nice execution. I really loved this one. Played the whole story and some challenges too. Nicely fit with the offline theme. You've added many tools to play with there. My biggest complaint is - can you even lose this game? If not it's more of a experience than a puzzle ;P I was very casually clicking with some idea what to do and I have never lost. Not even once. To take it to another level I'd expect some nicely crafted levels - with the hidden idea how to solve the puzzle and not that many paths to achieve it. So player must actually figure out what is the best usage of each tool. Maybe it's the way that the network health is calculated. I believe that cutting mesh in half and waiting long enough is a guaranteed success. But what if you can't kill the nodes and cut connections? If you can only funnel traffic with planned slowing everything else? That could work. Source code is quite a mess, but it's not a beauty contest either so no worries.

Larry Chupacabra: Now this feels like a retro hacking game. Where you have a story mode that emulates using cmd prompts and other more technical tools in order to disable computer systems. Feels like the plot from an older nerdy movie too. Id say if you continue to expand this it would make a great full fledged game with very portal esc feeling hacking minigames.

Diego González: I love that intro! The way it looked and the smooth typing really pulled me in.