HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Elemental Stone

Elemental Stone keeps in orden everything all around the world, The Evil Empire has steal it and has decided to destroy it, the olders of each elemental village have choosen it's more powerfull wariors, and now, 4 heroes are the only who can stop them, but they have work together to reach the stone.


You have 3:00 minutes to get the Element Stone with the Water Hero or the Evil Empire will destroy it.

Wind Hero: Can fly around the map and move rocks that are placed on the road.

Earth Hero: Can crush the Evil Cactus.

Fire Hero: Can walk over the Lava, crush the Black Mages, and only one who can borken the fire magic seal to destroy the wall which interrupt the last bridge.

Water Hero: Can crush the Evil Spiders the only one who can get till the stone from the river.

Try it in FULLSCREEN MODE to get a better performance (F11 will not work).

Better if you use FIREFOX

MUSIC??? Enjoy your own :p

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