HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


In this Tetris like, your goal is to make lines from left to right with tiles of the same shape, connected by side or by corner.

- Move with left/right arrow
- Increase speed with down arrow
- Go back to previous shape with up arrow

- Transform a shape back to the previous one (up arrow) one time per shape. Not available for the cicle which is the first shape, and for "blocking" tiles.
- Blocking tiles (red ones) won't move down when you complete a line, but you can remove them doing a full line like other shapes!
- You will unlock new shapes as you will make more lines. Higher level shapes earn more points.

Coil subscribers:
- 10% extra points
- a "ghost" tile to preview where your tile will land

The gameplay is a remake of an old game I used to play on DOS in my childhood. In my memories it was named "Electro", but I never found it on abondonwares... so I decided to develop it. If anyone remember it, please let a comment with infos!

Categories: desktop, web monetization

Feedback from the experts

Anonymous: Really innovative take on Tetris - I'm glad this was recreated or I might've never heard of this style of Tetris game. I would suggest doing a few things to make the game a little snappier, like adding a button to instantly drop the falling piece like in Tetris, as well as a fix to the Web Monetization bonus - I couldn't get it to work, probably because in a live environment there may be latency to the monetization stream starting.

Florian Rival: I like the idea, and the game is nice to play. I would have made the game area smaller to make the game faster and maybe increase difficulty? Game style is minimalist but pleasant to the eyes. Good job!

Jupiter Hadley: Challenging game!