HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Earth - the orbitless planet

In the year 3017, some alien species appears because their solar system was destroyed. And they found out our solar system - the perfect place for them to build their new home. So they place their planet in the earth's orbit and kick the earth out of the solar system. In this game you have to control the earth to fly orbitlessly throught 9 planets, fight the alien and retrieve the earth's lost orbit.

- There are totaly 9 planets (the sun is counted).
- Use the mouse to control the the earth, hold left mouse or hold space bar to fire.
- Catch powerup to upgrade your gun.
- You can continue from the previous planet you have visited after you die with the same gun set, but your lives and scores are reseted.

Acknowledgments are in the the repository

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the judges

Tomasz Wesołowski: Gun upgrades, interesting enemy patterns, bosses, this game has it ALL! Just tell me please: how does this ship STEER? :D I only wish there was sound...

Giovanny Beltrán: There is a lot of work in this game! great job! I like the graphics and the different kind of enemies' formation, I missed so kind of music and sound effects, I suggest some kind of progress indicator or distance to next planet as a way to know how far are you from the next boss.

Jupiter Hadley: Really nice game! Super fun, clean and well-made graphics, and a fun game.