HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


Step into the arena and embrace the thrill of medieval combat in Duelo, a unique fighting game that puts you in the boots of gallant knights wielding mighty swords.

Duelo combines the fast-paced action of classic fighting games with the strategic depth of the combat mechanics from Prince of Persia. Engage in intense duels against skilled opponents. Block, parry, and strike with precision to claim victory in the arena.

Key Features:

- Weapon Mastery: Discover and collect swords of varying power as you progress. Upgrade your arsenal to unleash devastating attacks on your foes.
- Armor Upgrades: Equip pieces of armor to increase your resilience and survive the fiercest of battles.
- Shop: Visit the in-game shop (powered by NEAR) to trade collected items for gold.

As the battle rages on, keep a watchful eye on your foes, for legends speak of a rare prize, shimmering like the dawn's first light, that may appear only after the crucible of level 15, if fate smiles upon you.

- Arrow right/left to move
- Arrow up to defend
- Space to attack
- Double arrow right/left for special move

Tips for Success: Timing is key in Duelo. Study your opponents, anticipate their moves, and strike at the perfect moment to gain the upper hand. Don't forget to visit the shop to keep your knight at the peak of readiness.

Sharpen your blade, don your armor, and embark on a knightly adventure. Play Duelo now and prove your worth in the arena!

Categories: desktop, mobile, decentralized