HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Dragon Simulator

Live the life of a dragon on a small island
* fly around
* hatch eggs
* terrorise villagers
* catch and feed wildlife to your hatchlings
* set fire to hungry leopards

* Mouse: look/aim
* Left Mouse Button: expel contents of stomach
* Space: jump/flap
* Hold Space: glide
* WASD (on ground): Move
* W (while gliding): Turn to match camera
* Release W (while gliding and holding something): Drop

Flapping and gliding take the angle of the wing/body into account. Facing upward will brake, downward will accelerate, left or right will turn in that direction. Gliding is much easier to control than flying by flapping alone. Use of a mouse (not a track pad and definitely not touch/mobile) is recommended.

You can catch live prey by flying low overhead. If you do it right the dragon will automatically pick it up. Best achieved by swooping down on something on a ridgeline before it's aware you're there.

Categories: desktop