HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


Use the mouse/touch to drag your character around and dodge the enemies. Draw the spells as shown on the hud from the black end to the coloured end to fire back. If you're finding that difficult, click on the spells to show an outline so you can trace the spell. Enter a door to begin; perhaps they will lead somewhere strange.

Categories: desktop, mobile

Feedback from the experts

Ahmed Khalifa: First of all great job in finishing your game and making sure it fits 13k and submitting it on time. The game has an interesting drawing mechanic to attack reminds me of the original Harry Potter games. I think it will work really great with a touch-screen more than a mouse or a touchpad. I like that you made the patterns are generated every time using splines. I think there is a lot to be done with that game but it all depends what will be your target devices. as for phones, having complex patterns like the ones shown is okay but I would consider bigger size patterns that spans on wider area as players fingers are big. If you consider to have it for Dekstop, may be consider either simpler shapes if you want the drawing and in that case you can make the arrow keys to move and evade the bullets and you can have more of bullet hell style game. Another direction could be using the keyboard keys to draw the spell shape. So instead of having spline shapes, it could be more regular shapes similar to "swipe caster" but now pressing the letter will connect the lines. Also, the game name is doors and the doors are not very useful in the game, they just act as portals to the stage. I would also make the enemy change behavior or patten every time it get hit and will make it small amount of hits (maybe 3 like Mario). Also, to make it easier to pick and play. Maybe the player should look very distinctive and flashy to make me want to click on it. also maybe respond to the click (grow bigger when down and return to its size otherwise). Overall great job for submitting and hope you can improve the game in the future :)

Jupiter Hadley: Tracing the spells didn't work for me :(

Dann Sullivan: This is super clever, but I tell you what. Having the spell fire a projectile means that I've got to have my mind on the shape, my placement and the enemy placement (as well as considering any projectiles)... that's a lot. If you just drew a rough shape like the shape (rather than being so precise) or had to dodge the enemy projectiles while yours ALWAYS hit then it might have been a bit more fun. That said, on a touchscreen this idea really works well. Otherwise it currently feels like a typing game where you also have to dodge - a little too much going on. All of that written, this is one of my favourite IDEAS that I've judged this time, great work.