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Don't Go Back

Don't go back - Maze Game

'Everything behind you is on fire. Don't go back.'

Quick Start
Play > Play Main Game
Use arrows keys to control the hero.

This is a maze game. The main features of the game are:
1) You may go back, but you shouldn't. It's like everything behind you is on fire. The more times you have visited the place - the more dangerous it became.
2) Field of view can be restricted.

Menu in default mode
Play > Play Main Game - runs main game sequence (10 levels).
Play > (Main Level Name) - play selected level from main game.

Generate > Small/Medium/Large Level - makes random level to play (Recursive Backtracker algorithm).

Load > From Browser - shows list of saved levels.
Load > From Json - you may load level's JSON.

Records - shows records screen.

Help - shows Help screen.

Creator's Mode checkbox - if this one is checked you will come to the Creator's Mode.

Read more on GitHub.

Have fun :-)

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Anonymous: Good job! - Fun reinvention of a maze game - The level generator + editor are very cool features, I could see this could be very appealing for a large audience :) (think education but also as a party game with players challenging each other) - Smart navigation via the sticky header