HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Dodge That Shit

Dodge pieces of shit falling from the ceiling!

Press left or right arrow keys to play.

Try to last as long as possible!

Categories: desktop, server

Feedback from the experts

Anonymous: Nice try for a first-time submission. To be honest the game it's a bit too simplistic and repetitive. About the code there is not much of it but some tips: - instead of copying and pasting the lib use CDN URL or package management solution like NPM/ yarn - you are using ES5 syntax, so I advise you to read about ES6 and newer language levels and things like transpiling (Babel, Webpack)

Anonymous: The game plays without any bugs or issues but I do feel that there could be more done with the game mechanic. You could start with only a few obstacles and add more as the game progresses. There could also be a timer, counter or similar to show how long you've lasted. That way the player will have a goal to beat the next time.