HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Do Not Look Back!

Enjoy the stunning beauty of the Wild West, but beware of outlaws lurking around: They'll keep coming back to pester you...

Don't Look Back is a short WebXR game of cowboys and chickens made with A-Frame, inspired by carnival shooting galleries and my love for pixelart.

- Don't Look Back supports all 3DoF devices; no controller is required to play the game.
- Shoot chickens and outlaws by gazing at them. Chickens act as a safe playground for you to experiment with the game mechanics before your curiosity kills the cat and starts the game...

Web monetization:
- Coil subscribers get 20% more outlaws to shoot at and get addressed as "Cowboy Coil"!

Tested on:
- Chrome & Firefox, Google Cardboard and Oculus Go (I never managed to enable VR mode on Google DayDream)

Things that didn't make the cut:
- idle/death sprite animations for outlaws and chickens,
- Western ambient music,
- aiming/shooting with 3DoF controllers (Oculus Go, DayDream) if present

Categories: web monetization, webxr

Feedback from the experts

Sébastien Vandenberghe: This is so cute !!! The pixel art + low poly is handled really well and provide to the game a nice touch of polish. This is really good you made it both controller and controller less so we can even enjoy outside VR. The music addition would have helped even more for full immersion in this cute world.

Josh Marinacci: It was fun the play and the graphics are playful. I love it. You should polish it up into a full game with proper controls, music, and multiple levels.

Fernando Serrano Garcia: The pixelart looks great and fits really well with the rocks and environment colors even if it's a very simple background. The concept was interesting but I would have preferred to be able to shoot with a controller instead, or at least to actually need to touch or click on something to shoot as I could just turn around 360º and I'm done. I read on the comments that it has 3dof support so probably in the Go would work that way. I hope it could get 6dof support for the Quest or similar device soon :)

Diego González: Fun short experience that would definitely benefit from adding audio both environmental and when an action happens and from a more interactive way of shooting. Graphics are nice and the fact that it works in mobile devices is a welcome addtions as well.