HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Diamond Run

The world's largest pink diamond is kept on the top floor of a high-security building in town.
Yet, to a seasoned gemstone thief, that isn't much of a challenge. Your GlitchMaker(tm) will take care of the security computers.
All you have to do is enter the building, climb to the top floor (don't climb - use the elevators), pocket the diamond and come back. It seems so easy.

Doors are controlled by terminals. Plug your GlitchMaker(tm) into a terminal to have it reveal the opening code. Insert your access keys into the inputs on the left side of the circuit board to match the code and the door will slide open.

Controls : mouse or touch screen to move.
Esc or click on the timer to pause and display the menu.
The game autosaves each time you open a door so you can safely close your browser and resume later.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the judges

Jupiter Hadley: Fun puzzle game! I liked unlocking all of the different doors - there was a variety of bits that changed the puzzles well and it was easy to understand how each new peice of technology worked. There is also a ton of puzzles in this! I like the little mini map in the corner that I could see my character through - it was a nice touch.

Robert Podg├│rski: I haven't realized how to open the first door.