HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Dewdrop Farm

Welcome to Dewdrop Farm!

Buy some seeds. Till the soil. Plant your crops. Water them daily. Pet the bunny. Harvest your crops. Sell for profit. Rinse and repeat.

Buy new tools. Watch the seasons. Take a break. Exploit the market. Buy a cow. Feed your cow. Shovel cow poop. It's your farm!

If you're playing on mobile, touch controls work. If you're playing on desktop, keys 1 through 6 change the active inventory slot. Keys F for farm, B for buy, S for sell, and I for info, change the active screen.

Coil subscribers get a bonus to luck!

Categories: desktop, mobile, web monetization

Feedback from the experts

Nathan Lie: Nice little farming sim, the satisfaction of building up the farm is all there. I wasn't quite sure oh how to gain exp - selling crops didn't seem to affect it, so a little more direction would have been nice. The passive Web Monetization bonus is nice, but not game changing.

Anselm Hook: Nice starting point for a larger game. I think some people would love this and also it helps people understand that star dew valley is not that hard to write.

Ewa Mazur: The game is cute and extensive. If there would be any way to "show" the Coil subscribers that they have this extra luck, it would be great. I really love how the gameplay looks - it's so cute and consistent.

Christer Kaitila: One of my favourite games of the whole competition! The artwork is so wonderful, I love the autotiling goodness and the colourful sprites. The critters and plants were so nice. I have a vertical monitor so I played the game full screen and it a HUGE. I was shocked and simayed when I used the hoe to make a bunny rabbit disappear! To avoid guilt I quickly told myself I'd dug them an escape tunnel. This game is really satisfying and I would play it over and over on my phone for sure. Lovely work!

Jupiter Hadley: Really lovely graphics, wish there was a speed up mode though!