HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Defense of the 13th City

I couldn't fit the game into 13kb unfortunately, it's 17.6kb (18,028 bytes).

Game description:
Defend the city from the attackers! Recruit soldiers, and build various buildings to succeed.

You have two resources: gold and food.
You need gold to recruit soldiers, build buildings, and purchase upgrades.
You need food to keep your soldiers alive. If you run out of food, your soldiers will start losing health.

Your goal is to defend the castle, which is the main building of the city. If the enemy destroys it, you lose.

The soldiers start at the castle, and walk towards the enemy. The enemy soldiers are coming from outside the city. When the friendly and enemy soldiers are close to each other, they'll fight.

- Castle: Main building, must be defended. You can recruit soldiers using the castle. Also produces one gold per second.
- House: Increases the amount of gold you receive.
- Windmill: Produces food, which is needed by your soldiers.
- Blacksmith: You can buy upgrades here to increase the damage done by your soldiers, and to reduce their damage taken.
- Church: Provides abilities that can turn the combat in your favor.

Left mouse click: select buildings, buy upgrades
Right mouse drag: rotate camera
Mouse wheel drag: pan camera
Escape: cancel current building
To build, select a building (bottom left), then click on the ground where you want to build it.

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