HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Death RIPper

The job of death is boring yet vital. If they did not banish the decreased from earth, they will turn into spectres and harm the world.
Your time is limited. Send those poor souls to hell while avoiding spectres. The peace of the world is upon you.
When the human is dying, a counter will appear over them. When the counter turns to 0, they will turn into spectres.
Approach them before the counter runs out. You cannot lay hands on the livings.
Click on the Map to move. You will stop once bump into anything except the dyings.
If you are hit by spectres, a shield will be broken and you will be sent back to hell if you are hit by spectres without any shield.
You will also be sent back to hell if your time on earth runs out. Collect more souls from the dyings to extend your time.

Categories: desktop