HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Death or Gloria

Tony (you) is working late, again and due to his hard worked efforts is tired and falls asleep.
He dreams of a heroic quest to find the beautiful princess Gloria and golden treasure beyond
his wildest dreams.

WASD/ARROW Keys to move
K to throw rock
L to drop breadcrumb

You find yourself in a strange place.
The ground beneath you is unstable and the next step could be your last. Thanks to your magic hat, you will be warned of unstable ground around you. 1 '!' for each unstable tile, north, south, east or west. You must navigate your way to the Princess and run off together.
Like all Princesses, she expects gifts of shiny things. Look out for treasure on your quest.

Death or Glory(a) awaits.

Categories: desktop