HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Death Estate

Death Estate, a packing-puzzle city builder! Build roads, then try to place as many houses that can fit for ghosts to live in.

(Instructions in-game, but also described below)

In the first phase, build roads by click-and-dragging on the grid. When you're ready, click Done.

In the houses phase, ghosts will come in and request peculiarly-shaped houses for you to place. Drag-and-drop the houses onto the grid to place them (must touch a road and not intersect other houses). You can click "Rotate" or right-click to rotate the house, or click "Skip" to skip the current ghost's request.

Game is over when you've run out of skips or there are no where to build. Points are based on the number of tiles covered by houses.

Categories: desktop, mobile