HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Deadly Affection

Deadly Affection is a puzzle game where you (Necromancer) long for eternal love with Fairy but only Death is eternal so you bring her to your realm.

# How to Play

Rotate tiles and pipes using left/right click (or tap on mobile) to target death beam from Necromancer to Fairy. Collect hearts along the way for bonus challenge.


You can log in with NEAR to
- see and access your previous purchases;
- unlock/buy 3 extra levels;
- leave a tip;
- and see your transaction history stored on the blockchain.

# Arcadia

You can log in to
- see and use your Arcadians;
- or pick one of the randomly selected Arcadians;
- picking Arcadian changes the theme/colors of the game and UI and uses selected Arcadian as the main character.

# OP Games

- Interoperable - the game uses NFTs that can be used as main characters, in addition to completely changing the theme/atmosphere of the game
- Open Source - the game is open source and publicly available on GitHub
- Unstoppable
- - I'm working on a level editor for the game that anyone will be able to use and share their levels to be played by all others
- - There wasn't space for it within 13kb but this will enable the game to go on forever with user-generated content together with improvements to the game by it being Open Source
- - Last but not least, I'm working on randomly/procedurally generated levels in various difficulties to serve as daily challenges for users

# Web Monetization (Coil)

You can enable web monetization to unlock 3 extra levels and see how much you have supported the game.

# Credits

Everything (almost), including art, design, music, sound, and game was created by me - Martin Tale (

- Social and GUI icons from respective platforms and
- Fairy and Joystick icon by Delapouite ( under CC BY 3.0;
- Crowned Skull icon by Lorc ( under CC BY 3.0;
- Heart icon by Skoll ( under CC BY 3.0;

Categories: desktop, mobile, web monetization, decentralized