HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Dante's Dev Hell

In this addictive game, you are Dante, a developer who died and went to the Developer's Hell.

Yeah, how could you imagine those silly jokes about javascript would bring you there?

With the help of your mentor Virgilius Torvalds, seek your redemption by sailing the Acheron river through the deeps of the Programming Hell!

Will you dare escape the Ghosts from Hell and reach your redemption?


* Start game: press any key or click/tap anywhere on the game screen
* Move left: hold the left arrow or click/tap anywhere left on the game screen
* Move right: hold the right arrow or click/tap anywhere right on the game screen
* Pause: click Spacebar (only desktop)
* Exit: click Esc (only desktop)


* You must get away from 4 different ghost types, each one with a different movement pattern
* There are nine different levels, each one with more ghosts that are quicker and are spawned faster

Categories: desktop, mobile