HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Crater Space

On the moon of planet Figadore the Regolith starships have returned, but they are using advanced cloaking techniques to remain invisible. You must discover the hiding place of the last 3 remaining starships by firing splat missiles.

Green splat indicates a miss and pink splat indicates a hit. You have 24 missiles, but hits don't count. Once each ship is fully covered in splat, one of the finder indicators changes to black.

Try to find all three starships (2, 3 and 4 grid squares in length) in the least misses possible.

Optimised for mobile in portrait. At the start you have the choice of using a Protocol Labs decentralized distributed randomness beacon as the seed.

Categories: desktop, mobile, decentralized

Feedback from the experts

Sasha Hudzilin: enjoyed playing the game, but seems like only Protocol Labs was used (no NEAR usage)

Dann Sullivan: Pretty simple fun, would be great to have a representation of the size and shape of the ships I'm shooting for. Otherwise, good work, fun shake-up of battleships.

Lee Reilly: Very well done! My 6yo was hooked on this until he managed to win! 😀 A couple of splats/sounds effects would have been great - easier said than done with 13k though.

Ryan Baumann: VERY simple battleship game. Not clear in what way it's decentralised besides *maybe* a random seed (I couldn't find the code for it). Less robust than the original battleship. Pros: Backstory is fun.

Michelle Mannering: - cool having two different game modes - nice take on battleship - easy, intuitive, and addictive - cool graphics and animation. Be great to add some music - winning animation is epic! Love it. - Works just as good on PC

Tim Sulmone: Cool use of drand. The game has a battleship/minesweeper vibe to it's a fitting use case of random seeds.

Vlad Grichina: Feels like playing battleship minigame. Integrates DRAND, but not sure why it's needed for single player game.

Johnny Matthews: So this game is essentially battleships, but in space. The limitation of having only 24 missiles is quite a nice twist, and I guess that's the only way to make it challenging if you're playing solo. Unfortunately, I can't see anything in the GitHub repo that indicates any kind of decentralization. The game is hosted using GitHub pages, not IPFS.

Paul Gadi: Fun game but could have explored how to use decentralization more

Dietrich Ayala: Uses Drand!! Would be nice if it explained what "use decentralized" means somewhere. Otherwise the play style is straightforward and fun. Would be rad if you had a leaderboard for winners who did it in lowest number of moves, and give an NFT proving user did level X in Y moves. Nice winning sparkle fountain animation!!