HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Coding Golf - Broken Links

Planet Figadore is ravaged by the Regolith virus, so all sporting events have been cancelled. Fred sneaks on to the "Coding Golf" island golf course, to play 18 holes and win the "Broken Links" championship trophy.

Use the left/right cursor keys to rotate the direction the ball will be struck in, then select a golf club using the up/down arrows to adjust the range. Once you're happy, press SPACE/ENTER to start the swing meter. Then pressing SPACE/ENTER a second time will select a strike power (as a percentage), the meter will now move back towards 0. You then need to press SPACE/ENTER a final time as close to 0 as you can to prevent a hooked or sliced shot.

Alternatively you can use a mouse to play, use the scroll wheel will rotate the ball direction, then click for each step of the swing meter operation. You still need to use up/down cursors to change clubs.

With added OS13k trophies.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Noël Meudec: This game is a golf game. It has a nice retro vibe and it is very easy to play. I like the graphics (simple but efficient) and the music, it really feels like I am playing a NES game. Here are a few things I would improve: - Sometimes I landed on the hole and it didn't count as a win, maybe you could adjust the sensitivity so it would feel more fair - For beginners (like me), the distances feel like a guessing game. To have a visual indicator (maybe the orange bar getting longer to give an idea or where the ball with land) would help better understanding when I should press the button, at least in the few first levels. Overall, it is a very well made golf game, I was quite impressed. It could be more gentle with beginners, but otherwise it is really good.