HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


The hacker came to dead end. The page he is looking for is gone, and he don't know where to. The only way to find it is to run the web crawler called CHOCH (ЧОЧ in cyrillic). You are CHOCH, but beware - the server intrusion prevention system will try to not let you go further. You need to pass 18 safety systems to reach the lost page.

Arrow keys/WSAD/ZSQD - navigate menu/control crawler
Enter - select in menu/skip cutscene
Esc - go to menu (in game)
Gamepad is supported!

kostik - idea, most of the code, shaders, most of level design, sound design and music
lampy - remaining code, parts of the design - mostly in form of advice, spiritual help

Categories: desktop