HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Charon Jr.

After centuries of faithful service, Charon, also known as the ferryman of the dead, has retired. His son is now collecting payments from the dead and escorting them to the next life. Just with one small change....

❌ Boat
✅ Monster Truck

Pick up a spirit by stopping next to it. Follow the arrow to their portal to the afterlife. Stop in the portal to let them pass over. Hit jumps to collect larger payments.

Controller Recommended, but keyboard also works:
Accelerate: Right Trigger or W
Brake: Left Trigger Or S
Steer: Analog stick, d-pad, or A/D
Menu Choose: A/D, d-pad, or analog stick.
Menu Confirm: A button, Start, or Enter

Categories: desktop