HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Celestial Bodies

A Solar Sandbox! Build your own star and planet system or play with one of the example systems. Coil subscribers get an additional type of celestial body.

Camera Controls:
Look with mouse
`: pause
u or 3: backwards
o or 9: forward
i or 8: up
k or 2: down
j or 4: strafe left
l or 6: strafe right
m or 1: roll left
. or 7: roll right

New Planet/Star Controls:
a, d: Move Along X-Axis
w, s: Move Along Y-Axis
q, e: Move Along Z-Axis

Categories: desktop, web monetization

Feedback from the experts

Dann Sullivan: Kinda fun actually. Decent simulation and some room to tinker with things too. Lots of people playing this kind of thing on Youtube at the moment.

Nathan Lie: Simple sandbox simulator. It's a little confusing to navigate, but it's a neat thing to look at. The Web Monetization feature didn't seem to work, however. I just got an extra kind of while hole.

Ewa Mazur: An interesting bonus for subscribers, but completely unmarked and it is difficult to guess in the game itself which option is dedicated to subscribers. There could also be some sort of message greeting the subscriber, maybe a "thank you" note or "I see you are a subscriber". I would also add info for non-subscribers that they can sign up for Coil to support the game - all of that in-game, of course, not in the game description. A very extensive game.

Michelle Mannering: - 8 bit graphics are really cool, music is cool - very user driven which is good - use different font than Times New Roman - Kind of like Sim city... but Sim space! - would love to see this expand to do more; more paid features etc. this is a great start - nice work!