HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Castle Defender VR

In the midst of the 13th century, you find yourself in the role of a steadfast archer named 'Robin' who is tasked with defending the majestic stone fortress of Castle Ravenshaw. This castle, perched on a hill, overlooks vast fields and is the last bastion standing against an oncoming horde. The kingdom has been under relentless attack from a power-hungry warlord seeking to seize all territories within his grasp. His army - an intimidating multitude of footmen - steadily advances over the open fields below towards Castle Ravenshaw.

When it seems all hope is lost, Robin takes up arms. Known throughout the kingdom for his exceptional skills as an archer, he had been serving as a simple guard at Castle Ravenshaw but now rises to be its last line of defense. With firm hands and sharp eyes, Robin must utilize his unparalleled precision in archery to stop this invading force from breaching their castle walls.

The future of Castle Ravenshaw and its people hinges upon Robin's bowstring in these desperate times. Will you step into his boots and draw back that arrow? Remember - they're counting on you.

- Just pull back the string in VR and release to shoot.

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