HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Bye Roll!

Bye Roll! Is a puzzle platformer game where you use deaths as ways to progress in five short, but fun levels.

Your character is a treasure hunter who changed because of the artifact called "Bye Roll!" and became immortal.

Your mission is to find other treasures with your power, dying for changing skills: always jumping (automatically)
or always flying (automatically).
Every form is different than the other and you need to know them well if you want to escape.
Failure is progress here.


Dpad for moving the character (left and right button).
Touch or Hold the left or right side of the screen or the bottom arrows for doing the same.


Touch or Hold the arrows or the sides of the screen where you want to move.


With Coil active, every time you die, it happens something to the game...

There are hidden modes chosen randomly by the "Bye Roll" everytime you die:

1) Normal Mode (nothing happens);
2) Mirror Mode (the level flips and is everything specular);
3) Scrambled Mode (more blocks appears and disappears randomly);
4) Easy Mode (many spikes disappears from the levels);
5) Deceptive Mode (Certain blocks change aspect and are not tangible anymore, spikes looks like checks and viceversa);
6) Creative Mode (every time you land in a block, the graphics of it changes).

Have fun!

Categories: desktop, mobile, web monetization