HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Bounce Back

When life gets you down,
it's never too late to...

- B O U N C E B A C K -

WASD = Move
Mouse = Aim
Click = Throw
Space = Dash

- Boosting protects you from damage.
- Buy items to help you survive.
- You don't lose money when you die!
- There are only 10 levels.
- Lost boomerangs show up big on the map.
- Enemies are slowed by sand.
- Yellow boomerang can grab pickups.
- Blue boomerang does double damage.
- Win to unlock speed run mode.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Anonymous: Great game! I had fun for half-hour :D Great implementation, attention to details like boomerang lying on the floor and the sprinting. The game is hard, but good hard. I'm totally frustrated by the yellow jumpers :) I was frustrated also that I lost my items when I died, because I fought a lot for getting the best boomerang, but the game killed me very fast. You should totally continue improving this game :)

Anonymous: Very well made! Controls are tight and it has a nice difficulty curve! While I do appreciate the technical challenge of adding traces of blood, footsteps and slime from the blue blobs on the level it doesn't mesh well with the retro graphics. I would have preferred if the style was kept intact. The same goes for the portal/goal on the level.

Jupiter Hadley: Very fun game! There is a lot going on!