HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Bot's Back

Bot and Company have finally returned from years of questing only to find that home is not what they left behind.

Deploy units, gather upgrades, stack, back attack, and whatever else you gotta do to reach the city center, purify the system and restore your people.

Clicky / tappy controls. Stage select at the top.

Categories: desktop, mobile

Feedback from the experts

Anonymous: Good: - Good and simple graphics but yet effective fits with the game themes, nicely done animation (player movement, smoke, explosions), and with nice moving background - Loves the static effects! - Simple & minimalistic game UI (bot indicator) What could be improved: - It takes a while to figure out which part to start with (left side or right side), how the basic game mechanics work, or which part is clickable or not. - Game assets or buttons are too small for mobile. - apart from destroying 1 enemy & stacking several units, I still haven't managed to upgrade any bases or unit.

Jupiter Hadley: I like the graphics and general idea, but I wish I knew how to upgrade or there was some sort of tutorial.