HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Block Hammer

Break the blocks before they fly off the bottom of the screen and you will earn points. Let the blocks fly past and your score will go BACKwards.

Left and Right arrows to switch from forward or BACKwards directions of the hammers. You can also click or tap.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Kevin Whinnery: Nice! I love games with a simple control mechanic that are deceptively tricky. You could absolutely see this being built out into a super fun Asteroids/Breakout combo. Worked: - Difficulty ramp felt right - I didn't make it to the final level but the increases in difficulty felt fair - Very efficient! Can't believe this was only a few hundred lines of JavaScript - The mouse control scheme was the most fun - just having a single button and spamming it to try and keep the hammers in approximately the same position ended up being a fun mechanic !Worked: - The keyboard controls felt less fun than the mouse - having to remember which button to press (and having the other button not do anything) was frustrating. This works great as a single button game. - if you wanted to experiment with other controls, it would be fun to make the hammers have a variable speed, or be able to control the circumference of the circle they travel in

Anonymous: Quite a fun concept, although pretty hard at times. I found the scoring a bit strange. Wouldn’t it have been better to have two lives or something per level and a goal to clear x blocks to proceed to the next level? You lose a life when you miss a block. When you’re out of lives the game is over. Or maybe not even have levels but instead a continuous count of how many blocks you have cleared? And maybe replenish a life every 10 blocks or something? Some ideas at least, but the main takeaway from my suggestions is that I found the scoring a bit strange and I believe it could be improved. I also think maybe there could be room for temporary powerups such as additional hammers or even a classic smartbomb to clear all blocks on screen. One time I got a thin block just at the edge of the level that I couldn’t reach with my hammer. :-(

Anonymous: Very fun! Get this working on mobile, and I'll sink hours into this! Reminds me of my favorite casual games, Super Arc Light <3

Anonymous: Great job - Easy to learn controls - Great overall experience for just a 13KB game :) Suggestions - Currently you can hack your way to win by continuously clicking so you freeload your hammers, if you limit the user which way they can go it might become more challenging - Diversify the effects of the blocks that come down

Jupiter Hadley: Simple yet nicely made game. I like the noises they made - some of the smaller rectangles were so challenging - nice job.