HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Blanks Detective

Blanks Detective is a mystery themed, point-and-click, logic puzzle game with randomly generated puzzles! Fill in the empty spaces on the board as new clues are revealed. If you solve correctly on the first try before the 'possible thumbs up' message, you get a 'gold medal'. Watch out, your evidence may get stolen along the way.

Periodically you will see the 'case files' screen with features described below.

NEAR (Decentralized) and Coil (Web Monetization) Features:

If you are signed in with NEAR, you can post a new case to the community boards for others to play.

If you are signed in with Coil you can access 'Case Files' from the title screen - selecting 'new case' in this menu skips the tutorial and the 'ramping up' boards. You can also generate a 5x5 board, which is larger than all random boards.

I hope you enjoy!
Thank you for playing!

Categories: desktop, mobile, web monetization, decentralized

Feedback from the experts

Sasha Hudzilin: i love the use of decentralized tech (people can post to community boards / create their own cases). Also enjoying the increasing difficulty :) great stuff

Nathan Lie: Nice simple game that has decent challenge when its difficulty is increased with Web Monetization. I like that higher difficulty levels are saved for dedicated players that have decided to support the developer. Otherwise, the logic is somewhat simple at lower levels.

Ewa Mazur: Clear info about all possible combinations - logged in/not logged in to coil/near. It would be great to tag/add in the game, what you're getting from Coil subscription.

Michelle Mannering: - emoji game is on point - NEAR credentials are cool - cool use of monetarisation - voice to speech usage is very cool - gets harder which is awesome - addition of some music would be really cool - interesting take on matching! I really like

Tim Sulmone: The race against the clock can provide a thrill. Fun :-) Smooth and fluid gameplay. Polished look and feel.

Vlad Grichina: Game is fun and I liked creative use of emojis to do graphics. Few suggestions: 1) after logging in to NEAR I fail to see any new functionality (not sure if a glitch or I just miss where to look) 2) seems like often there is too many clues, i.e. answer is deducible from much smaller subset of clues

Johnny Matthews: This is a super interesting game, and quite fun to play! The presentation is quite polished, and the interface is easy to use. The integration of both NEAR and COIL is very impressive! It's great to see the developer attempting to incorporate two protocols into the game, instead of just relying on one.

Ryan Baumann: Having the hamburger button as the exit button caused me to exit early many times (maybe I'm just dumb, but that's usually a 'safe' button). I don't really understand what the Near implementation does. I can sign-in, but can't verify that I am signed in, and it doesn't seem to enable anything. Fun deduction game though, I found it quite amusing.

Paul Gadi: Innovative gameplay and a polished game!

Dietrich Ayala: Wow, super creative concept. I love the text-to-speech and all emoji cards/characters. Really doing a lot with very little here. Would have loved to see it be published to IPFS and to use for the randomness. But overall this is a super smooth experience and very creative concept, fantastic job. Even the landing page had a rad animation!