HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Black Hole Square

Welcome to Black Hole Square!

Clean up all the other squares in the universe. Just tap them and see what happens.

Swipe right to reset a puzzle or go back to the old ones. Swipe left to skip a puzzle.

Unlock 3 bonus puzzles by supporting this game through web monetization.

Categories: desktop, mobile, web monetization

Feedback from the experts

Timur Manyanov: Good: Nice looking game, game play is obvious, interface is convinient. Bad: Unfortunately I got bored pretty quickly, cause there are tons of similar puzzle games...

Nathan Lie: Expertly puzzled game, the idea is simple but the puzzles are a real brain teaser and finishing them is quite satisfying. Making the most difficult puzzles be unlocked with Web Monetization makes a lot of sense - those most invested in the game are the ones most likely to want to support the developer, and therefore would have the drive to try and solve those difficult levels.

Ewa Mazur: Interesting way to inform non-subscribers at the end of the game that they can support the game and get more. I would give subscribers something like a thank you, or I would delicately highlight the last two levels, which are bonus. Cool, coherent, atmospheric and polished logical gameplay.

Ahmed Khalifa: First of all congratulations on finishing a nice puzzle game that is mobile-friendly for the JS13k jam. This is really a great puzzle game that is ready to be shipped, it might need some music and it become really interesting and more levels and new mechanics to appear every now and then. I would recommend instead of making harsh number of steps to make it like the star bonus for each level so if someone wanna play the puzzles as more relaxing than thinking type they can. I would recommend having some mechanics related to the floor tiles like tiles that break to be a hole after moving once on it, tiles that rotate you tiles so they change direction, etc. having floor tiles will make you have more interesting moves and more interesting solutions to some of the puzzles instead of all depending on clicking on the tiles. Overall, great game :) looking forward to see a fuller version :)

Victor Debone: Great execution! Your game looks solid and polished! I really enjoyed the concept of the puzzle and how you expanded on it with some ideas. This reminded me of The Witness puzzles as it seems there's such capacity here to go on and on with new rules :)