HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Bit Butcher

You're a hungry mortal in a strange world filled with other animals. But you alone know how to wield tools and know the art of butchery, so time to get butcherin'! Complete all the achievements to win the game.


- Move with W,A,S,D, Arrow keys, or right click.
- Equip an item with 1-9 number keys.
- Perform an action with your equipped item with the E or X key, or left click. Each item has only one action, and includes lunging, crafting, digging, building, feeding, drinking, and eating.
- Throw a selected item from your inventory to the ground with Q or Z.
- Zoom in or out with the mouse scroll wheel.
- Reload and restart the game if you don't like the look of your character or the map (F5).

Categories: desktop