HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


As a Bio-Server Model-0451, your job is to response to various creature assembly requests correctly, successful response will earn you Likes to purchase helpful yet challenging upgrades.(See the start screen in game for control manual)

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Ahmed Khalifa: First of all congratulations on finishing a full clicker game in the time of the competition this is a great job. This is very nice and addictive and with the timer in starts to be more like Cook Serve Deluxe than a normal clicker game. I liked that Unicorn and dragon have special color. I think the game will benefit from an upgrade that make each card of the creature of different color. Because the game is all about the mess of picking the correct ingredients to get the likes in. I also think you could add more hectic by making the creatures and classes and types on convyer belt and doing that the player won't need the 404 button, they might need just to increase or decrease the conveyer belt of the choices they need to make. It was not clear for me how you get more refresh in the current version of the game, I thought you get more refresh every time you press on 404 but that didn't happen as I was stuck with hand of all chicken and I am pressing on 404 and I don't get any more refreshes. It could also be based on time where I get more refresh every couple of seconds and it slows down. overall that is a great clicker game that grabs cooking games in the mix. You could easily skin it as cooking game or any other types, there is a lot of interesting ideas to add and play around with. I honestly encourage you to explore that game more and try to solve the current issues about using 404.

Ale Bles: Well executed, fun to play. RNG can sometimes be a bit tricky. Ideally there should've been some sort of control on the options that spawn, therefor not needing to refresh the set of cards. Basic balance in terms of like progression already quite well. UI is very clean.