HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


Bellwoods is an art game for mobile and desktop. Navigate your kite (which has drifted ‘off its line’) through endless fields of color and sound, trying to discover new worlds.

The graphics and audio is entirely procedurally generated, and each new world is unique from the last.

Created by Matt DesLauriers with the contribution of Mélissa Hernandez.

Categories: desktop, mobile

Feedback from the judges

Jupiter Hadley: Lovely graphics, music, and general concept. This is so relaxing and nice to enjoy.

Diego González: Truly beautiful! A lovely piece of art, the notes we encounter all sound nice together, everything runs so smoothly, and I kept wishing for "setpieces" - additional islands of detail, of hand-crafted castles that play new songs, the occasional toadstool of dissonance in this field of wildflowers. I loved it. Amazing work!!!

Anonymous: This is a wonderful little arty experience. While the theming was quite loose, you've done amazing work within the filesize limit and I fully intend to keep returning to this when I feel a little dim or restless.

Larry Chupacabra: Simple but works well for a concept.

Anselm Hook: Great graphics and sound. It feels experimental and would have even better scoring if it had a better gameplay. Good job!

Christer Kaitila: A calming artsy game with simple, minimalist but great graphics.

Mike Cook: Beautiful. Reminded me a little of Panoramical, extremely good visual and audio design, a refreshing entry, I sort of wish it had an auto-play and I could just leave it on as a visualiser!