HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Ballarena 2013k

Two pads, one ball, four lives, and lots of bricks to destroy. Obviously, there's a catch: you know the world is round, don't you ?

Either go through the 13 levels with patience and elite aiming skills, or cheat your way to the end screen. Did I mention a cheat ? Oops ...

Controls :

for keyboard owners : left/right arrows to move pad, Enter or space to launch the ball, Escape for ingame menu.

for mobile users : tap on left/right sides of screen, center to launch the ball, top center for ingame menu.

for both : left and right can be switched by setting the controls to "goofy" in the menu.

Fully functional on Firefox, Chrome and Opera. Running silently (no sound support) on IE and Safari, and several mobile platforms.

This game is a tribute to the original Ballarena released in 1990 by Eterna on Acorn Archimedes.

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