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Backstabber Hero

This is the story of the mysterious backstabber hero. Whilst most people carry on with their carefree lives and sleep safe at nights the backstabbing hero is taking care of worlds backstabbing chores.

Become the backstabber hero and play through 20 levels on desktop or mobile. Try to catch as many knifes as possible to impress your backstabbing rivals. With a Coil subscription able to customize your favourite backstabbing suit.

Once seen the game is over, hence the need to always backstab. Observe enemy patterns based on their suit colors to find strategies to beat all levels. You may crouch, walk above or hide in barrels to avoid attention. Even in a barrel you can't let anyone see you move though.

Desktop: Use arrow keys or WASD to move, crouch and jump (with space as an alternative jump button). Use Z or Ctrl to stab. Mouse is needed for suit customization.
Mobile/touch: Use your finger.

Happy backstabbing! 🗡️

Categories: desktop, mobile, web monetization

Feedback from the experts

Anonymous: Incredible game that is equal parts brain teaser and twitch-reflex platformer. It's the little things about this game that really pull it together - the retro sound effects for jumping and successfully stabbing someone, the player choice involved in going for the bonus knives and risking detection, and the crisp movement. Only suggestion for improvement is a way to exit a level - sometimes I found myself accidentally selecting the wrong level and having to intentionally lose in order to exit.

Florian Rival: Very easy to get started and *fun* :D Love the idea and the puzzle/action concept. Love the idea of the barrel too ;) The menu is a bit too gray, would have been interesting to make it more colorful like the rest of the game ;) Love the fact that the game is fast paced. Great job!

Jupiter Hadley: Great graphics, fun puzzle game!