HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


It's an avoidance game. Use arrow keys to control paddles to avoid hitting the ball. Use space to speed up the ball to
earn more points.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Anonymous: First of all, thank you for creating that nice game and be able to fit music and SFX in that small footprint. That is an achievement and I am sure that it is not easily done. I want to tell you, good work on the music, it sounds pretty amazing :) Here is my comments about the game: - The game idea is unique as most of the games with paddles and a ball require you to hit the ball and not avoid it. I think that gave the game a different feeling and experience than the rest of games but at the same time made it a little bit more relaxed and easy which can be a good thing or a bad thing based what do you think what to do next with this game. Bad thing because there is very easy strategies for avoiding as the paddles are small and the ball is small (always be near corners and switch them if the ball on the trajectory). Good thing because it create that new feeling about avoidance and keeping track of the 4 paddles at the same time with no pressure to follow the ball. I think you should start thinking what exactly you need out of that game and try to focus more on it. - The rules are not clear why the ball slows down or why paddles swap color. You could make warning message appearing with flickering color that says swap controls for the paddle swap colors or random direction change for ball changes. - Making the paddles move automatically was a good idea to try to battle just waiting in a corner with doing nothing but it didn't solve that as I can hold the button for longer and it just made it a little bit more tedious.

Pedro Fortuna: Nice graphics and music. Could be more fun if the arrow keys weren't upside down.