HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


The Interlopers promised great fortune and knowledge, but unsurprisingly, they were nothing but swindlers. During your encounters, you have noticed that these ungodly creatures affect your sanity. Luckily, you have discovered a drastic loophole — do, not, face, them. Countless setbacks and only your trusty twisted blade by your side, will you be able to rescue your waning planet?

- Use your [LEFT ARROW KEY] & [UP ARROW KEY] in order to navigate through this journey.

- Press [SPACE] to unleash your trusty twisted blade.

Destroy everything in your path.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Anonymous: The game is a bit too simple so there is not a lot that I can comment. I would try to make the gameplay a bit more diverse, add more enemies weapons, etc. About code: - from the code style, I can see that you are probably not a JS developer and more C programmer, keep the js code in a separate file and use tools like prettier to take care of this - code consistency - sometimes you are using camelCase and sometimes snake_case pick one and use one everywhere (camelCase is pretty much default in JS ), sometimes your functions are using upper case letters and some are starting from lower case letter (in JS the old convention was that the function with UpperCase name was an object factory that you would later call new on) - game loop - the game loop should be done in this way as it's not taking into consideration the load on main thread and time that has passed between renders this is a good article that describes how to write a proper game loop that works in a browser