HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Backlit - Treasure Escape

Backlit - The moon is lined up perfectly to solve the puzzles and bring back an ancient treasure, the Golden Scarab!
* To rotate a puzzle piece, aim with the laser and hold the trigger. Then, move the controller as if you are holding the piece (ignore the laser).
* To teleport, aim at the floor and press the 'up' area of the trackpad, then release (you must take your finger off the trackpad to teleport)

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Feedback from the experts

SĂ©bastien Vandenberghe: Escape games are the best. I enjoyed my session in the game despite being sometimes a bit confused by the controls and what I should do.

Josh Marinacci: The pieces were bit tricky to rotate, but I was able to get past the first obstacle. Very engaging. You should work on the controls and turn this into a full game.

Fernando Serrano Garcia: I really like the teleporting mechanics. I also like the puzzle concept, although I find it challenging to rotate the puzzle pieces correctly, maybe mapping the controller rotation directly to the piece rotation could make things easier.

Diego González: I liked the theme and idea of it, and I think it could be enhanced by making sure that there is a sensible fall back when no specified controllers are present. I believe by the description that it is refering to an HTC Vive controllers (trackpad) and I wasnt able to manipulate the objects with a mobile device nor the Oculus Rift.

Jupiter Hadley: I don't have a VR so sadly I cannot do the game justice.