HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


Fall to bottom to flip to the back, then fall back up on the other side... How long can you keep switching between the back and front of the stage? Game by Tom Hermans (@Auroriax). Best played in Chrome or Firefox.

How to play (Arrow keys/WASD/ZQSD/Swipes):
🡸 🡺 Left/Right: Flying kick, 🡹 Up: Jump, 🡻 Down: Drop.
Touched platforms move to background and increase score.
Reach bottom of level to claim to the backside!
You lose when time runs out...

Coil subscribers get two exclusive color palettes: number 6, Beau Blueprint, and number 7, Dawnbreak! Or should I say... COILor palettes? Hah!

Categories: desktop, mobile, web monetization

Feedback from the experts

Anonymous: Love the decisionmaking aspect of what is otherwise a solid action game - the player is not just maximizing contact with blocks but also putting thought into the level they are creating for themselves the next time around. I would love to see a more arcade-style "endless" mode, where the player would have methods to increase the timer through smart or skilled played, and flip between front and back over and over at increasing difficulties until they reached a high score.

Anonymous: Loved the retrospective / README! Very fun and glad you were able to make a mobile-friendly version at the last minute.