HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB



WASD and/or Arrow Keys • Move.
Space • Jump.
Hold mouse down • Shield.

Infiltrate a nameless corporation through their backalley. Defend yourself against automated turrets with an energy shield. Destroy their defenses.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Florian Rival: A great idea of using only a shield to do counter attacks on enemies! Make the game a bit between a puzzle and and action game. Would love to see more of it with new enemies and levels! Sometime a bit hard to see where your character hitbox is, so you think you're protected and getting damages. Fun to play and well thought, great job!

Anonymous: First of all congratulations on finishing a 3D game with nice shading for the JS13K competition. My problem is the enemies are always shooting from all directions and all distances and all heights which is hard to evade and navigate without always holding the shield, you should think about safe zones in your level design so you can rest and plan ahead. The other problem is There is no way to destroy the enemies (maybe make it a melee way to kill) by colliding with the enemies. and maybe the shield is restored at that point. Also, knowing where to go next is pretty important which can be done with the enemies as you are doing right now but with less bullets and field of vision and range of fire might make it easier :)

Jupiter Hadley: I wish the game gave more feedback when turrets were actually hit, however, I think the graphics and area of view was good.