HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Back up

Stranger asks You for help in quite bizarre case. Apparently she wants You to make her backup, but who even is she? Find out Yourself in this simple puzzle game, based on good old laser reflections game type.

Only mouse is needed -> tutorial is in game

We couldn't test it on VR unfortunetly (We don't own headset for it), but it should work.

Categories: webxr

Feedback from the experts

SĂ©bastien Vandenberghe: This is insane this fits in 13k with a full tuto and several levels, well done. It is a complete game and not only a simple level. The voice over tech + nice graphics are another nice advantage of the game. I notice only a couple of glitches (screen shaking) with some positions which would be great to remove.

Josh Marinacci: I didn't work properly in VR, but very close. You'd just need to fix the controller input. The game itself is fun and looks good. The speech synth is a nice touch too. You should polish this up into a full game.

Fernando Serrano Garcia: I love the aesthetics. The game concept is also really cool and the gameplay feels great. Overall it feels really polished and well executed. I couldn't get the oculus quest controllers to run, so it was unusable on the headset as I couldn't click "start" :) I tried on the PC and it worked flawlessly

Diego González: Really love the graphics and the storytelling/onboarding on this entry. The robot's eye expressions are very cool, and the game creates interesting puzzles to solve. I think it could benefit form being tested in a headset, since the subtitles are unreadable because they are too low and the control scheme could be improved in XR. Having said that this game has a lot of potential and is refined enough to be higly enjoyable with a mouse!

Jupiter Hadley: Love the robot voice and story - the game is neat too!