HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Back To The Stars

Help our friend to get back to the stars by jumping into the falling bubbles.
Move using the arrow keys and space to jump.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Florian Rival: An interesting take on the infinite scrollers :) The graphics style is nice! Would have loved to see new kind of bubbles or a way to survive even if the next bubble is too far. Easy to get started and fun!

Anonymous: First of all good job on finishing your game and submitting to the JS13k competition. The game is well optimized and have a nice animation and graphics with some dethering effects that looks cool. I think the main problem with the game is the bubble generation and spacing. I couldn't reach very high so I don't know if there is any changes in the mechanics in the higher levels than lower ones so my judgement is based on the lower parts only. The game starts with bubbles not very close to the bottom of the screen not allowing the player to start quickly in the game causing slow restarts which is sometimes not a good idea for these types of games where quick restarts are important not to lose the player. I understand that having some pacebreaking is important but that could happen every couple of fails so the game pace don't slow down especially if I am dying quickly. The bubbles placement sometimes are far from each other which cause my death, I think that need to be fixed. Also, I noticed that bubbles explode in any direction the player going (going up or down) with similar jump boost, you can try to experiment with this area and see what will happen if going up have different effect than going down on the bubbles. It will be also interesting to introduce new objects and mechanics at the higher tiers of the game similar to doodle jump. Overall, great job :)

Jupiter Hadley: Very cute game, great visuals and sounds!