HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Back to the Battle Ship

Go back to the roots of the game, in Back to the Battle Ship, you can evoke the time in which you only needed pencil and paper to enjoy a good time.

Play against the PC or start an online game against another person, the objective is to destroy the enemy ships, guessing the position where the ships are.

You can express your emotions through emojis when you are in an online competition.

Categories: desktop, mobile, server

Feedback from the experts

Anonymous: Good: - A good old classic battleship game. Nicely implemented! - Simple but yet effective UI! I really love the small details you added: the sound FX, emoticon icons, the shaking screen effect, and switch screen animation. - Good AI for practice mode. TBH, this is my first time playing this game. I saw this game many times on TV but never tried even once. - Simple chat system with emoji which works nicely. - The network feature works really well. I like the fact you store your captain name locally and handle the offline/disconnected issue. What could be improved: - There are minor problems on mobile device: animation lag and sound delay. Tested on Chrome & Safari on iPhone 8 with iOS 12.