HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Back to Bathroom


You are in bathroom and see that all you do over there go back for you. But you are hungry, if not eat then you die. Yet you can eat bread that falls, but the more you eat the more shit comes back to you.


ENTER - Start/Pause/Continue
A/D or Right/Left - Move Player
SPACE - Pull toilet
E - Discharge


The more you eat, the more you crap.
The more you crap, the more discharges you can give and the more xShit you'll get.
The more xShit the more Shit Score you get.
The more shit on the ground, the faster your life falls.
If you have xShit at zero, your life will fall very quickly.
Be quick to hit E to flush (it's stuck XD)

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Anonymous: Great job - very annoying but fitting audio ;) - love the character, is it based on someone? Suggestions - I wasn't able to turn the loo at first - You can speed up the food a bit more at the start of the game - What if the flush would re-emerge in the shape of food? :P